Large Technical Projects

The starting line

Don't overwhelm yourself and think about the biggest thing you can possibly build, start small so that you can get working results as soon as possible.

Get a idea of the rough shape the project will take.

If it isn't graphical, you want to pick something up that is testable so that you can see some results about the expected behavior.

Sprint to Demos

Don't make it look perfect, build something so that is good enough to move onto the next thing on the path to a dem.

There are two important things to remember:
Do not let perfection be an enemy of progress
Do not let future improvements you know you'll have to make stop you from moving on to the next thing. Get to a demo!

These demo states aren't even an MVP, they should just give you a something to self-reflect about it.

Build for yourself

Build only what you need as you need it and adopt your software as quickly as possible.

Break down Problems