What I like about Swift and SwiftUI compared to JavaScript and any of the big frameworks

  1. How to implement a Search that searches across and Array of Persons
    @State private var persons: [Person] = []
    @State private var searchTerm = ""
    var filteredPersons: [Person] {
        guard !searchTerm.isEmpty else { return persons }
        return persons.filter { $0.name.localizeCaseInsensitiveContains(searchTerm) }

We start out with an array of persons, which has been fetched from an external data source and an empty searchField. We declare our computed property filteredPersons via a guard statement that returns the initial persons set whenever there is no character typed in, and otherwise loops over persons with a filter function and a closure. The $0 notation is a shorthand for a For Loop and represents each iteration of that For Loop. So for every person in the persons array we check the name.

This is a great example of a use-case for the guard statement, and also proof of how easy, concise and readable it is to filter an array of persons for a containing string.

2. I don't have to worry how to format dates when making an app with users across the globe:
Text(Date.now, format: .dateTime.day().month().year())

All that does it asking for the data, which will then be formatted according to the users own preferences. In JavaScript I would probably rely on route-parameters or two different localized environments.