Linked List

Arrays are like buckets that hold values.

How to insert a node at the beginning of a Linked List?

class ListNode {
    constructor(value, next = null) {
        this.value = value; = next;

function insertAtBeginning(head, newValue) {
    const newNode = new ListNode(newValue);

    // Set the next of the new node to the current head = head;

    // Update the head of the linked list to be the new node
    head = newNode;

    return head;

// Example linked list: 1 -> 2 -> 3
let head = new ListNode(1, new ListNode(2, new ListNode(3)));

// Insert a new node with value 0 at the beginning
head = insertAtBeginning(head, 0);


Store value of different type (in JS) at contiguous memory location. Strings are arrays as well.




The difference is that a subarray can't have any element in between, it has to be contiguous. A subsequence can be derived from the original array by deleting elements, but the order has to stay the same

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